Suzuki Violin

The Suzuki Method was founded by Doctor Shinichi Suzuki in Post Second World War Japan.

Dr Suzuki wanted to enrich the lives of children and found that this was possible through music. Dr Suzuki realised that all Japanese children spoke Japanese! It didn’t matter how tricky the dialect or accent, they all attained this skill to the highest of their abilities. Talent is not inborn. They observed and listened to their Mother Tongue- especially spoken by their first and most important teachers; their parents. They received praise and repeated each small word many, many times – repeated daily. In such a nurturing environment, these children were blossoming as their knowledge was increasing day by day.

In the worldwide Suzuki Family, we share a common language. Our beautiful music chosen so carefully by Dr Suzuki bring us together. Family membership of the British Suzuki Institute enables you and your chid to go to courses or workshops in over forty countries across the world! Even if you don’t speak the language, you can communicate through the music. As a child I attended courses in various parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland. As a teacher I have taught throughout the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Japan.

As Dr Suzuki tells us:

“You only have to practice on the days you eat breakfast”.

Principles of the Suzuki Method, Talent Education.

What to do next….

  • You are welcome to join our Suzuki family at any time.
  • Ideally violin pupils will start between the ages of 3 – 5, however as Kay Collier Stone states in her book of the same title- ‘They’re rarely to young, and never to old to twinkle’
  • Please contact me for more information or to arrange observation of lessons.