Suzuki Prenatal

Prenatal Stimulation is the enrichment of the baby’s environment before birth. Prospective Suzuki Early Childhood Education parents choose a favourite, short Baroque or early Classical piece of no longer than five minutes in length and listen to it daily whilst relaxing, speaking and singing to their baby. Whilst in utero, this stimulation will have a biochemical imprint on the child and will enable her to remember the piece- the structure of the phrasing, the shape of the melodic line, the rhythm, they will even feel what their Mother is feeling. If you speak or sing to your child whilst in utero, your baby will remember your voice and will actively seek it out once they are born, tuning out other less familiar voices. After birth, continue listening to your chosen piece daily- you will find that your baby will be soothed by hearing it.

In his research paper ‘Active music classes in infancy enhance musical, communicative and social development’ Dr David Gerry states: “Our results suggest that active participation by parents and infants is likely essential for optimal learning, and our results indicate that aspects of active participation are crucial to fully realizing musical, communicative and social benefits of musical experience in early development”.

It is these Early Childhood experiences that lay the foundation for all future learning.

What to do next….

  • Listen to your short piece everyday
  • Once your baby is born, please contact me and we will organise you to join our next class
  • Tell me what your chosen piece of music is and we will play it for your family as they join our Suzuki family.
  • You will enjoy seeing how they react to hearing their favourite music
  • You and your child are now starting your incredible Suzuki journey

Welcome to our Suzuki family!