Suzuki ECE

Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Doctor Shinichi Suzuki gave Mrs Dorothy Jones the important task of developing the Suzuki Early Childhood Education curriculum. This was approved by the International Suzuki Association and in 1993 Mrs Jones was named the first Teacher Trainer in the Suzuki world. In 2012 I was delighted to take part in the first Suzuki ECE Teacher Training course in Europe. Today, twenty years on, the classes are beginning in the United Kingdom. This is the first class of its kind in Northern Ireland and one of only two classes in the United Kingdom.

Teaching in Switzerland

Teaching in Switzerland

Mrs Jones states that “Suzuki Early Childhood Education is the realisation of potential through active and reactive participation in the environment. The environment is defined as all that surrounds a child both before and after birth”. What makes us unique is that we know that children will all develop at different speeds and we encourage this natural development in an enriched and stimulating environment. We believe that every child can learn and their potential is unlimited.


Ability develops early

Dr Shinichi Suzuki stated that ”education should begin one hundred years before the birth of the mother”. Early childhood experiences shape our life. In our classes, parent and child experience the joy of learning together.

Children learn from one another

Our classes involve children of different ages and skill levels. Our Suzuki ECE classes are full of opportunities for the children to learn from each other. They will sing together, by themselves, play instruments together, and have many opportunities to play by themselves also. The children will greatly benefit from hearing and observing each other. They will grow from having instruments played close to them, to reaching out for mallets themselves and playing all by themselves.

Encouragement is essential

Children and adults alike thrive on positive praise. Due to the nature of our class, the parents learn to encourage not only their own child, but share the achievements of the whole class.
At the end of each class, whilst the teacher and children look at beautiful books – the parents log in their journals the amazing observations they have made of their children during the lesson. When the children graduate, they receive their journal- full of positivity and love.

Environment nurtures growth

Our classes take place in a nurturing, inclusive environment. Our Suzuki ECE students learn amazing focus and concentration. If children start to fuss they are immediately taken out of the room where Mother and child find the calm needed to rejoin the fun.

Every child can learn

Dr Suzuki stated “Talent is not inborn, ability has to be developed”. Children’s potential is unlimited and every child will learn at their own pace. Our classes lay the foundation to all learning- listening and sequencing, understanding size, pitch, numeracy and motor skills, social- emotional development, vocabulary and development of character.

Parental involvement is critical

Suzuki lessons thrive on the Suzuki Triangle of Teacher, Parent and Child.
The Suzuki Triangle

In our Suzuki ECE classes, parent and child journey together in enjoyment and amazement at what is possible. Parents listen to the recording daily with their children and enjoy singing and learning with them. In our classes we talk about the wonderful “three looks”. The child is immersed in what they are doing and looks from the parent and then to the teacher- what an amazing development.

Success breeds success

We celebrate every small step for each child in the class. It is with all our elements, unique to Suzuki ECE that these children thrive in their education and are happy children.

We base our three year weekly, set curriculum class on these very important concepts.
Suzuki ECE children develop many skills including listening and sequencing, understanding size, pitch, numeracy and motor skills, social- emotional development, vocabulary and growth. Suzuki ECE classes lay the foundation for all later learning, not just musical education.

Suzuki ECE classes are for children from birth to approximately three years. New pupils are welcome throughout the year. After graduating the Suzuki ECE class, children can then start Pre Twinkle violin classes and join our Suzuki Violin Northern Ireland group.

“Children learn to smile from their parents”.

What to do next….

  • You are welcome to join our class at anytime throughout the year.
  • Please contact me to arrange your visit.
  • Children aged 6 months and under will receive free tuition for one month.