“For the happiness of all children”

The Suzuki Method was developed by Dr Shinichi Suzuki in Post Second World War Japan to enrich the lives of children. This amazing method is much more than music. This unique musical education has its heart running through everything we do. Dr Suzuki believed that “talent is not inborn”, every child has unlimited ability and potential – their ability needs to be developed.

Concepts of the Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method is the realisation of a child’s potential through active and reactive participation in their environment. This is seen as essential for optimal learning and is embodied in the method’s core concepts.

Pre Natal Bonding

Whilst in utero, your child will not only learn the structure of music, but also learn how the mother feels as you enjoy this special time getting to know each other – love and relaxation.
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Early Childhood Education

Join in with the other parents and children as they enjoy their weekly, set curriculum class which will give children the foundations for all later learning. (newborn – 3 yrs)
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Suzuki Violin

From Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Mozart Violin Concerto, your child will learn how to play the violin, develop their unique beautiful tone, musicianship and socio-emotional skills.
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